DAY 1:

    09:10Introduction to modern hardwareIntro:   slides 1-18
    10:10An overview of OpenMPDay 1: slides 1-12
    10:50OpenMP programming and execution modelDay 1: slides 13-24Exercise 1: slides 25-29
    13:30OpenMP worksharing directivesDay 1: slides 30-49Exercise 2: slides 50-51
    15:15More OpenMPDay 1: slides 52-55Exercise 3: slides 56
    16:00Summary + Q & A
    16:30End of first day


    DAY 2:

    09:00How to write correct OpenMP programsDay 2: slides 1-15
    09:30Intel Inspector XE (demo - screenshots)Demo: inspxeExercise: inspxe (below)
    10:45How to write efficient OpenMP programsDay 2: slides 16-18
    11:00Heat equationDay 2: slides 19-28Exercise 4: slides 19-28
    13:30Heat equation (cont.)Exercise 4 (cont.)
    14:00Vectorization with OpenMPDay 2: slides 29-37
    14:25Thread affinity in OpenMPDay 2: slides 38-47
    15:15The taskloop directiveDay 2: slides 48-51Exercise 5: slides 52
    16:30End of second day (course)




    Opens external link in new windowDay 1: Crash course in modern hardware

    Opens external link in new windowDay 1: Introduction to OpenMP

    Opens external link in new windowDay 2: Pitfalls and advanced OpenMP

    Opens external link in new windowDay 2: Intel Inspector XE (demo - screenshots)


    Opens external link in new



     OpenMP 5.0 Specifications (PDF) and Reference Guides (PDF)



    Please open a terminal and connect to vsc3.

    If your terminal becomes unresponsive, please open a new terminal and connect again!

    cd ~/OpenMP/exercises/pi



    vi, vim, nano, emacs [ nedit – only at login nodes ] – editors cheat sheets: Nano, Vi(m)


    Complilation on login node:

    C:             icc   -qopenmp         pi.c

    Fortran:    ifort -qopenmp         pi.f90    [ !$ ]

    Fortran:    ifort -qopenmp -fpp pi.f90    [ #ifdef _OPENMP ]


    Execution via SLURM:


    sq        # alias for: squeue -u $USER

    scancel <job_ID>



    Make sure you have fully completed the exercises before checking the solution,
    otherwise you will loose out on 90% of the learning benefits!

    Solutions: ~/OpenMP/solution/pi


    Intel Inspector XE:

    cd ~/OpenMP/exercises/pitfalls

    Test with my_prog = conflict, race1, and race2 (and as additional exercises: demo_with_bugs.c)

                   use Intel Inspector XE to find the errors in all three examples
                   correct the source (without modifying the numerical semantics)
                   verify again with Inter Inspector XE  -->  until zero errors reported

    Compile the application without any optimization:

           C:             icc   -qopenmp -O0 -g my_prog.c

           Fortran:    ifort -qopenmp -O0 -g my_prog.f90

    Execution via SLURM:

    vi        --> my_prog_1 (name must be different to existing files)



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