VSC School Seminar: Effective MPI Programming: concepts, advanced features, dos and don’ts


    MPI is a large and complex, but well-structured interface for message-passing based parallel programming for high-performance systems. This tutorial aims to provide an understanding of basic concepts of the interface, showing how concepts and (advanced) features of the interface can be put to work effectively in applications and lead to more read- and maintainable, better performing and more robust code. More advanced features that will be covered include non-blocking collectives, neighborhood collectives, one-sided communication, derived datatypes and process topologies. The tutorial will provide room for discussion and interactions.


    Jesper Larsson Träff
    Research Group Parallel Computing, Institute of Information Systems, TU Wien

    Date, Time, and Location:

    13.01.2016, 13:45 - 17:45, FH Hörsaal 7 (TU Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 2nd floor, yellow area)


    If you would like to join us for this event, please email to: vsc-seminar@list.tuwien.ac.at
    (so we will know how many persons will come)
    Prerequisites are good programming skills and some experience with running moderately large parallel codes.


    Opens external link in new windowSlides [pdf] - Jesper Larsson Träff: Effective MPI Programming

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