ERC AbinitioDGA

Karsten Held
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Institut für Festkörperphysik, 138

VSC project / type: 70585 / funded

VSC-3 / status: 2017-09-20 - 2020-09-21 / active
VSC-2 / status: 2014-09-19 - 2019-03-23 / finished


  • Li Gang, Wentzell Nils, Pudleiner Petra, Thunstroem Patrik, Held Karsten
    Efficient implementation of the parquet equations: Role of the reducible vertex function and its kernel approximation
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 93, 165103 (2016)

  • Liao Z., Huijben M., Zhong Z., Gauquelin N., Macke S., Green R. J., Van Aert S., Verbeeck J., Van Tendeloo G., Held K., Sawatzky G. A., Koster G., Rijnders G.
    Controlled lateral anisotropy in correlated manganite heterostructures by interface-engineered oxygen octahedral coupling
    NATURE MATERIALS 15, 425 (2016)

  • Lantz G., Hajlaoui M., Papalazarou E., Jacques V. L. R., Mazzotti A., Marsi M., Lupi S., Amati M., Gregoratti L., Si L., Zhong Z., Held K.
    Surface Effects on the Mott-Hubbard Transition in Archetypal V2O3
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115, 236802 (2015)

  • Valli A., Das H., Sangiovanni G., Saha-Dasgupta T., Held K.
    Tunable site- and orbital-selective Mott transition and quantum confinement effects in La0.5Ca0.5MnO3 nanoclusters
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 115143 (2015)

  • Si Liang, Zhong Zhicheng, Tomczak Jan M., Held Karsten
    Route to room-temperature ferromagnetic ultrathin SrRuO3 films
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 041108 (2015)

  • Zhong Zhicheng, Wallerberger Markus, Tomczak Jan M., Taranto Ciro, Parragh Nicolaus, Toschi Alessandro, Sangiovanni Giorgio, Held Karsten
    Electronics with Correlated Oxides: SrVO3/SrTiO3 as a Mott Transistor
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114, 246401 (2015)

  • Battiato M., Tomczak J. M., Zhong Z., Held K.
    Unified Picture for the Colossal Thermopower Compound FeSb2
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 114, 236603 (2015)

  • Rohringer G., Toschi A., Hafermann H., Held K., Anisimov V. I., Katanin A. A.
    One-particle irreducible functional approach: A route to diagrammatic extensions of the dynamical mean-field theory
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, UNSP 115112 (2013)

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