Katalyse mittels Gold Nano-Partikeln supported auf dem h-BN Nanomesh

Peter Blaha
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Institut für Materialchemie

VSC project / type: 70022 / funded

VSC-1 / status: 2010-01-01 - 2015-03-28 / finished
VSC-2 / status: 2012-01-02 - 2019-07-08 / finished


  • Erbahar Dogan, Susi Toma, Rocquefelte Xavier, Bittencourt Carla, Scardamaglia Mattia, Blaha Peter, Guttmann Peter, Rotas Georgios, Tagmatarchis Nikos, Zhu Xiaohui, Hitchcock Adam P., Ewels Chris P.
    Spectromicroscopy of C-60 and azafullerene C59N: Identifying surface adsorbed water
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 35605 (2016)

  • Bliem Roland, van der Hoeven Jessi E. S., Hulva Jan, Pavelec Jiri, Gamba Oscar, de Jongh Petra E., Schmid Michael, Blaha Peter, Diebold Ulrike, Parkinson Gareth S.
    Dual role of CO in the stability of subnano Pt clusters at the Fe3O4(001) surface

  • Kreutzer Johannes, Blaha Peter, Schubert Ulrich
    Assessment of different basis sets and DFT functionals for the calculation of structural parameters, vibrational modes and ligand binding energies of Zr4O2(carboxylate)(12) clusters

  • Wang Z., Loon A., Subramanian A., Gerhold S., McDermott E., Enterkin J. A., Hieckel M., Russell B. C., Green R. J., Moewes A., Guo J., Blaha P., Castell M. R., Diebold U., Marks L. D.
    Transition from Reconstruction toward Thin Film on the (110) Surface of Strontium Titanate
    NANO LETTERS 16, 2407 (2016)

  • Gargallo-Caballero Raquel, Martin-Garcia Laura, Quesada Adrian, Granados-Miralles Cecilia, Foerster Michael, Aballe Lucia, Bliem Roland, Parkinson Gareth S., Blaha Peter, Marco Jose F., de la Figuera Juan
    Co on Fe3O4(001): Towards precise control of surface properties
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 144, 094704 (2016)

  • Bazylewski Paul F., Van Luan Nguyen, Bauer Robert P. C., Hunt Adrian H., McDermott Eamon J. G., Leedahl Brett D., Kukharenko Andrey I., Cholakh Seif O., Kurmaev Ernst Z., Blaha Peter, Moewes Alexander, Lee Young Hee, Chang Gap Soo
    Selective Area Band Engineering of Graphene using Cobalt-Mediated Oxidation
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 5, 15380 (2015)

  • Bliem Roland, Pavelec Jiri, Gamba Oscar, McDermott Eamon, Wang Zhiming, Gerhold Stefan, Wagner Margareta, Osiecki Jacek, Schulte Karina, Schmid Michael, Blaha Peter, Diebold Ulrike, Parkinson Gareth S.
    Adsorption and incorporation of transition metals at the magnetite Fe3O4(001) surface
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 075440 (2015)

  • Bliem R., McDermott E., Ferstl P., Setvin M., Gamba O., Pavelec J., Schneider M. A., Schmid M., Diebold U., Blaha P., Hammer L., Parkinson G. S.
    Subsurface cation vacancy stabilization of the magnetite (001) surface
    SCIENCE 346, 1215 (2014)

  • Koch Hans Peter, Laskowski Robert, Blaha Peter, Schwarz Karlheinz
    Adsorption of small gold clusters on the h-BN/Rh(111) nanomesh
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 155404 (2012)

  • Koch Hans Peter, Laskowski Robert, Blaha Peter, Schwarz Karlheinz
    Adsorption of gold atoms on the h-BN/Rh(111) nanomesh
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 84, 245410 (2011)

  • Mueller Frank, Huefner Stefan, Sachdev Hermann, Laskowski Robert, Blaha Peter, Schwarz Karlheinz
    Epitaxial growth of hexagonal boron nitride on Ag(111)
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 82, 113406 (2010)

  • Laskowski Robert, Blaha Peter
    Ab initio study of h-BN nanomeshes on Ru(001), Rh(111), and Pt(111)
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 81, 075418 (2010)

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