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  • 71350 : SynchroFinish
    Stefan Krenn, _others, AC2T research GmbH, AC2T-SIM (EDS/LER)
  • 71349 : BiCrystal
    Stefan Krenn, _others, AC2T research GmbH, AC2T-SIM (SOM)
  • 71276 : GeoVille
    Christoph Reimer, _others, EODC GmbH, GeoVille GmbH
  • 71192 : GraspCloud
    Christoph Reimer, _others, EODC GmbH, Catalysts Gmbh
  • 71055 : VRVis_AVL
    Kresimir Matkovic, _others, VRVis Forschung, VRVis GmbH
  • 71050 : Vandersat
    Christoph Reimer, _others, EODC GmbH, Vandersat
  • 71019 : C3S
    Christoph Reimer, _others, EODC GmbH, EODC
  • 70372 : Materials Center Leoben - Spitaler
    Jürgen Spitaler, _others, Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, Materials Center Leoben

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