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  • 71298 : Asymmetric Features of Icosahedral Viruses: Role in Assembly, Uncoating, and Genome Release
    Dieter Blaas, Med Uni Wien, Dept. Med. Biochem.
  • 71280 : Generalized Information Theoretic Approaches for History-Dependent Processes
    Tobias Reisch, Med Uni Wien, Institut für Wissenschaft Komplexer Systeme
  • 71264 : Deep learning - MRI reconstruction
    Wolfgang Bogner, Med Uni Wien, Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin
  • 71257 : Establishment of processing pipelines
    Matthias Haimel, Med Uni Wien, MedUni Wien
  • 71209 : Free energy profile of membrane transporter
    Thomas Stockner, Med Uni Wien, Pharmcology
  • 71124 : FWF I3451 - Low-count-high-quality reconstruction methods for PET and SPECT imaging.
    Thomas Beyer, Med Uni Wien, Medical University of Vienna
  • 71109 : MAGIG-PRO
    Hermann Fuchs, Med Uni Wien, Medical University of Vienna - Department of Radiotherapy
  • 71069 : SmartResilience, H2020-DRS-2015 No 700621
    Peter Klimek, Med Uni Wien, Section for Science of Complex Systems, CeMSIIS
  • 71028 : TestProjectCreationProcedure
    Thomas Stockner, Med Uni Wien, Center for Physiology and Pharmacology

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