Hartmut Abele
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Atominstitut, Atominstitut

VSC project / type: 70952 / funded

VSC-3 / status: 2016-12-15 - 2020-12-17 / active


  • Maerkisch B., Mest H., Saul H., Wang X., Abele H., Dubbers D., Klopf M., Petoukhov A., Roick C., Soldner T., Werder D.
    Measurement of the Weak Axial-Vector Coupling Constant in the Decay of Free Neutrons Using a Pulsed Cold Neutron Beam
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 122, 242501 (2019)

  • Klopf M., Jericha E., Maerkisch B., Saul H., Soldner T., Abele H.
    Constraints on the Dark Matter Interpretation n -> chi plus e(+)e(-) of the Neutron Decay Anomaly with the PERKEO II Experiment
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 122, UNSP 222503 (2019)

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