Toma Susi
University of Vienna (Universität Wien)
Physik Nanostrukturierter Materialien, University of Vienna

VSC project / type: 70811 / funded

VSC-3 / status: 2015-09-01 - 2019-03-01 / finished
VSC-2 / status: 2015-10-12 - 2019-03-01 / finished


  • Su Cong, Tripathi Mukesh, Yan Qing-Bo, Wang Zegao, Zhang Zihan, Hofer Christoph, Wang Haozhe, Basile Leonardo, Su Gang, Dong Mingdong, Meyer Jannik C, Kotakoski Jani, Kong Jing, Idrobo Juan-Carlos, Susi Toma, Li Ju
    Engineering single-atom dynamics with electron irradiation.
    Science advances 5, eaav2252 (2019)

  • Inani Heena, Mustonen Kimmo, Markevich Alexander, Ding Er-Xiong, Tripathi Mukesh, Hussain Aqeel, Mangler Clemens, Kauppinen Esko I., Susi Toma, Kotakoski Jani
    Silicon Substitution in Nanotubes and Graphene via Intermittent Vacancies

  • Brand Christian, Debiossac Maxime, Susi Toma, Aguillon Francois, Kotakoski Jani, Roncin Philippe, Arndt Markus
    Coherent diffraction of hydrogen through the 246 pm lattice of graphene
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 21, 033004 (2019)

  • Susi Toma, Madsen Jacob, Ludacka Ursula, Mortensen Jens Jurgen, Pennycook Timothy J., Lee Zhongbo, Kotakoski Jani, Kaiser Ute, Meyer Jannik C.
    Efficient first principles simulation of electron scattering factors for transmission electron microscopy
    ULTRAMICROSCOPY 197, 16 (2019)

  • Tripathi Mukesh, Mittelberger Andreas, Pike Nicholas A., Mangler Clemens, Meyer Jannik C., Verstraete Matthieu J., Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma
    Electron-Beam Manipulation of Silicon Dopants in Graphene
    NANO LETTERS 18, 5319 (2018)

  • Susi Toma, Scardamaglia Mattia, Mustonen Kimmo, Tripathi Mukesh, Mittelberger Andreas, Al-Hada Mohamed, Amati Matteo, Sezen Hikmet, Zeller Patrick, Larsen Ask H., Mangler Clemens, Meyer Jannik C., Gregoratti Luca, Bittencourt Carla, Kotakoski Jani
    Intrinsic core level photoemission of suspended monolayer graphene
    PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2, 074005 (2018)

  • Tripathi Mukesh, Markevich Alexander, Boettger Roman, Facsko Stefan, Besley Elena, Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma
    Implanting Germanium into Graphene
    ACS NANO 12, 4641 (2018)

  • Elibol Kenan, Susi Toma, Argentero Giacomo, Monazam Mohammad Reza Ahmadpour, Pennycook Timothy J., Meyer Jannik C., Kotakoski Jani
    Atomic Structure of Intrinsic and Electron-Irradiation-Induced Defects in MoTe2
    CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 30, 1230 (2018)

  • Skakalova Viera, Kotrusz Peter, Jergel Matej, Susi Toma, Mittelberger Andreas, Vretenar Viliam, SiffaloviC Peter, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C., Hulman Martin
    Chemical Oxidation of Graphite: Evolution of the Structure and Properties

  • Mirzayev Rasim, Mustonen Kimmo, Monazam Mohammad R A, Mittelberger Andreas, Pennycook Timothy J, Mangler Clemens, Susi Toma, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C
    Buckyball sandwiches.
    Science advances 3, e1700176 (2017)

  • Alamdary Daryoush Nosraty, Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma
    Structure and Energetics of Embedded Si Patterns in Graphene

  • Nieman Reed, Aquino Adelia J. A., Hardcastle Trevor P., Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma, Lischka Hans
    Structure and electronic states of a graphene double vacancy with an embedded Si dopant
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 147, 194702 (2017)

  • Scardamaglia Mattia, Susi Toma, Struzzi Claudia, Snyders Rony, Di Santo Giovanni, Petaccia Luca, Bittencourt Carla
    Spectroscopic observation of oxygen dissociation on nitrogen-doped graphene
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 7960 (2017)

  • Susi Toma, Skakalova Viera, Mittelberger Andreas, Kotrusz Peter, Hulman Martin, Pennycook Timothy J., Mangler Clemens, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C.
    Computational insights and the observation of SiC nanograin assembly: towards 2D silicon carbide
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 4399 (2017)

  • Susi Toma, Hardcastle Trevor P., Hofsaess Hans, Mittelberger Andreas, Pennycook Timothy J., Mangler Clemens, Drummond-Brydson Rik, Scott Andrew J., Meyer Jannik C., Kotakoski Jani
    Single-atom spectroscopy of phosphorus dopants implanted into graphene
    2D MATERIALS 4, 021013 (2017)

  • Elibol Kenan, Susi Toma, O'Brien Maria, Bayer Bernhard C., Pennycook Timothy J., McEvoy Niall, Duesberg Georg S., Meyer Jannik C., Kotakoski Jani
    Grain boundary-mediated nanopores in molybdenum disulfide grown by chemical vapor deposition
    NANOSCALE 9, 1591 (2017)

  • Romanyuk O., Supplie O., Susi T., May M. M., Hannappel T.
    Ab initio density functional theory study on the atomic and electronic structure of GaP/Si(001) heterointerfaces
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94, 155309 (2016)

  • Erbahar Dogan, Susi Toma, Rocquefelte Xavier, Bittencourt Carla, Scardamaglia Mattia, Blaha Peter, Guttmann Peter, Rotas Georgios, Tagmatarchis Nikos, Zhu Xiaohui, Hitchcock Adam P., Ewels Chris P.
    Spectromicroscopy of C-60 and azafullerene C59N: Identifying surface adsorbed water
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 35605 (2016)

  • Susi Toma, Hofer Christoph, Argentero Giacomo, Leuthner Gregor T., Pennycook Timothy J., Mangler Clemens, Meyer Jannik C., Kotakoski Jani
    Isotope analysis in the transmission electron microscope
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 7, 13040 (2016)

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