P 27703 Evolution and Function of the Environmental Protein Sequence Universe

Thomas Rattei
University of Vienna (Universität Wien)
Department für Mikrobiologie und Ökosystemforschung;Institut für Theoretische Chemie;Forschungsverbund Chemistry Meets Microbiology, CUBE - Division of Computational Systems Biology

VSC project / type: 70771 / funded

VSC-3 / status: 2015-04-23 - 2020-10-25 / active


  • Huerta-Cepas Jaime, Szklarczyk Damian, Forslund Kristoffer, Cook Helen, Heller Davide, Walter Mathias C, Rattei Thomas, Mende Daniel R, Sunagawa Shinichi, Kuhn Michael, Jensen Lars Juhl, von Mering Christian, Bork Peer
    eggNOG 4.5: a hierarchical orthology framework with improved functional annotations for eukaryotic, prokaryotic and viral sequences.
    Nucleic acids research 44, D286 (2016)

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