Time-dependent two-particle reduced density matrix method

Iva Hunger Brezinova
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Institut für Theoretische Physik, Institute for Theoretical Physics

VSC project / type: 70731 / funded

VSC-3 / status: 2015-03-25 - 2020-03-27 / active


  • Donsa Stefan, Brezinova Iva, Ni Hongcheng, Feist Johannes, Burgdorfer Joachim
    Polarization tagging of two-photon double ionization by elliptically polarized XUV pulses
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 99, 023413 (2019)

  • Auzinger Winfried, Brezinova Iva, Hofstaetter Harald, Koch Othmar, Quell Michael
    Practical splitting methods for the adaptive integration of nonlinear evolution equations. Part II: Comparisons of local error estimation and step-selection strategies for nonlinear Schrodinger and wave equations

  • Stooss V., Cavaletto S. M., Donsa S., Blaettermann A., Birk P., Keitel C. H., Brezinova I., Burgdoerfer J., Ott C., Pfeifer T.
    Real-Time Reconstruction of the Strong-Field-Driven Dipole Response
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 121, 173005 (2018)

  • Borbely S., Tong X-M, Nagele S., Feist J., Brezinova I, Lackner F., Nagy L., Tokesi K., Burgdoerfer J.
    Electron correlations in the antiproton energy-loss distribution in He
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 98, 012707 (2018)

  • Donsa Stefan, Hofstaetter Harald, Koch Othmar, Burgdoerfer Joachim, Brezinova Iva
    Long-time expansion of a Bose-Einstein condensate: Observability of Anderson localization
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 96, 043630 (2017)

  • Lackner Fabian, Brezinova Iva, Sato Takeshi, Ishikawa Kenichi L., Burgdoefer Joachim
    High-harmonic spectra from time-dependent two-particle reduced-density-matrix theory
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 95, 033414 (2017)

  • Sato Takeshi, Ishikawa Kenichi L., Brezinova Iva, Lackner Fabian, Nagele Stefan, Burgdoerfer Joachim
    Time-dependent complete-active-space self-consistent-field method for atoms: Application to high-order harmonic generation
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 94, 023405 (2016)

  • Lackner Fabian, Brezinova Iva, Sato Takeshi, Ishikawa Kenichi L., Burgdoerfer Joachim
    Propagating two-particle reduced density matrices without wave functions
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 91, 023412 (2015)

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