3D Radiative Transfer in Protoplanetary disks

Colin Johnstone
University of Vienna (Universität Wien)
Institut für Astrophysik, Institute of Astrophysics

VSC project / type: 70652 / private

VSC-3 / status: 2014-12-17 - 2024-01-03 / active


  • Rab Ch., Elbakyan V., Vorobyov E., Guedel M., Dionatos O., Audard M., Kamp I., Thi W. -F., Woitke P., Postel A.
    The chemistry of episodic accretion in embedded objects 2D radiation thermo-chemical models of the post-burst phase
    ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 604, A15 (2017)

  • Rab Ch., Guedel M., Padovani M., Kamp I., Thi W. -F., Woitke P., Aresu G.
    Stellar energetic particle ionization in protoplanetary disks around T Tauri stars
    ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 603, A96 (2017)

  • Rab Christian, Baldovin-Saavedra Carla, Dionatos Odysseas, Vorobyov Eduard, Gudel Manuel
    The Gas Disk: Evolution and Chemistry
    SPACE SCIENCE REVIEWS 205, 3 (2016)

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