Lise Meitner Fellowship: Star polymers with a temperature-dependent valence: empty liquids from soft building blocks

Lorenzo Rovigatti
University of Vienna (Universität Wien)
Computergestützte Physik, University of Vienna

VSC project / type: 70620 / test


  • Locatelli Emanuele, Handle Philip H., Likos Christos N., Sciortino Francesco, Rovigatti Lorenzo
    Condensation and Demixing in Solutions of DNA Nanostars and Their Mixtures
    ACS NANO 11, 2094 (2017)

  • Mahynski Nathan A., Rovigatti Lorenzo, Likos Christos N., Panagiotopoulos Athanassios Z.
    Bottom-Up Colloidal Crystal Assembly with a Twist
    ACS NANO 10, 5459 (2016)

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