Graphene nanostructures

Florian Libisch
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Institut für Theoretische Physik, E136

VSC project / type: 70387 / funded

VSC-2 / status: 2013-01-31 - 2019-04-11 / finished


  • Bischoff D., Libisch F., Burgdoerfer J., Ihn T., Ensslin K.
    Characterizing wave functions in graphene nanodevices: Electronic transport through ultrashort graphene constrictions on a boron nitride substrate
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 90, 115405 (2014)

  • Chizhova L. A., Libisch F., Burgdorfer J.
    Graphene quantum dot on boron nitride: Dirac cone replica and Hofstadter butterfly
    Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) 90, (2014)

  • Libisch F., Geringer V., Subramaniam D., Burgdoerfer J., Morgenstern M.
    Diffractive-wave guiding of surface electrons on Au(111) by the herringbone reconstruction potential
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 90, 035442 (2014)

  • Pena A., Girschik A., Libisch F., Rotter S., Chabanov A. A.
    The single-channel regime of transport through random media
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5, 3488 (2014)

  • Subramaniam D., Libisch F., Li Y., Pauly C., Geringer V., Reiter R., Mashoff T., Liebmann M., Burgdoerfer J., Busse C., Michely T., Mazzarello R., Pratzer M., Morgenstern M.
    Wave-Function Mapping of Graphene Quantum Dots with Soft Confinement
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 108, 046801 (2012)

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