SFB ViCoM Teilprojekt Held

Karsten Held
TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien)
Institut für Festkörperphysik, E138

VSC project / type: 70385 / funded

VSC-2 / status: 2012-12-07 - 2019-06-12 / finished
VSC-3 / status: 2015-04-10 - 2020-06-30 / active


  • Li Gang, Yan Binghai, Wang Zhijun, Held Karsten
    Topological Dirac semimetal phase in Pd and Pt oxides
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95, 035102 (2017)

  • Bhandary Sumanta, Assmann Elias, Aichhorn Markus, Held Karsten
    Charge self-consistency in density functional theory combined with dynamical mean field theory: k-space reoccupation and orbital order
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94, 155131 (2016)

  • Assmann E., Wissgott P., Kunes J., Toschi A., Blaha P., Held K.
    woptic: Optical conductivity with Wannier functions and adaptive k-mesh refinement

  • Wissgott Philipp, Held Karsten
    Electronic structure of CeRu4Sn6: a density functional plus dynamical mean field theory study

  • Zhong Zhicheng, Si Liang, Zhang Qinfang, Yin Wei-Guo, Yunoki Seiji, Held Karsten
    Giant Switchable Rashba Effect in Oxide Heterostructures

  • Ganahl Martin, Thunstroem Patrik, Verstraete Frank, Held Karsten, Evertz Hans Gerd
    Chebyshev expansion for impurity models using matrix product states
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 90, 045144 (2014)

  • Taranto C., Andergassen S., Bauer J., Held K., Katanin A., Metzner W., Rohringer G., Toschi A.
    From Infinite to Two Dimensions through the Functional Renormalization Group
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 112, 196402 (2014)

  • Wang Zhiming, Zhong Zhicheng, Hao Xianfeng, Gerhold Stefan, Stoeger Bernhard, Schmid Michael, Sanchez-Barriga Jaime, Varykhalov Andrei, Franchini Cesare, Held Karsten, Diebold Ulrike
    Anisotropic two-dimensional electron gas at SrTiO3(110)

  • Zhicheng Zhong, Qinfang Zhang, Held Karsten
    Quantum confinement in perovskite oxide heterostructures: Tight binding instead of a nearly free electron picture
    Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) 88, (2013)

  • Zhicheng Zhong, Toth Anna, Held Karsten
    Theory of spin-orbit coupling at LaAlO
    Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics) 87, (2013)

  • Parragh N., Sangiovanni G., Hansmann P., Hummel S., Held K., Toschi A.
    Effective crystal field and Fermi surface topology: A comparison of d- and dp-orbital models
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, 195116 (2013)

  • Zhong Zhicheng, Zhang Qinfang, Held Karsten
    Quantum confinement in perovskite oxide heterostructures: Tight binding instead of a nearly free electron picture
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, 125401 (2013)

  • Zhong Zhicheng, Toth Anna, Held Karsten
    Theory of spin-orbit coupling at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces and SrTiO3 surfaces
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 87, 161102 (2013)

  • Guritanu V., Wissgott P., Weig T., Winkler H., Sichelschmidt J., Scheffler M., Prokofiev A., Kimura S., Iizuka T., Strydom A. M., Dressel M., Steglich F., Held K., Paschen S.
    Anisotropic optical conductivity of the putative Kondo insulator CeRu4Sn6
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 87, 115129 (2013)

  • Assmann Elias, Blaha Peter, Laskowski Robert, Held Karsten, Okamoto Satoshi, Sangiovanni Giorgio
    Oxide Heterostructures for Efficient Solar Cells
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 110, 078701 (2013)

  • Valli A., Sangiovanni G., Toschi A., Held K.
    Correlation effects in transport properties of interacting nanostructures
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 115418 (2012)

  • Zhong Zhicheng, Wissgott Philipp, Held Karsten, Sangiovanni Giorgio
    Microscopic understanding of the orbital splitting and its tuning at oxide interfaces
    EPL 99, 37011 (2012)

  • Nomura Yusuke, Kaltak Merzuk, Nakamura Kazuma, Taranto Ciro, Sakai Shiro, Toschi Alessandro, Arita Ryotaro, Held Karsten, Kresse Georg, Imada Masatoshi
    Effective on-site interaction for dynamical mean-field theory
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 085117 (2012)

  • Toschi A., Arita R., Hansmann P., Sangiovanni G., Held K.
    Quantum dynamical screening of the local magnetic moment in Fe-based superconductors
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 064411 (2012)

  • Wissgott P., Kunes J., Toschi A., Held K.
    Dipole matrix element approach versus Peierls approximation for optical conductivity
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 85, 205133 (2012)

  • Hansmann P., Haverkort M. W., Toschi A., Sangiovanni G., Rodolakis F., Rueff J. P., Marsi M., Held K.
    Atomic and itinerant effects at the transition-metal x-ray absorption K pre-edge exemplified in the case of V2O3
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 85, 115136 (2012)

  • Sakai Shiro, Sangiovanni Giorgio, Civelli Marcello, Motome Yukitoshi, Held Karsten, Imada Masatoshi
    Cluster-size dependence in cellular dynamical mean-field theory
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 85, 035102 (2012)

  • Rohringer G., Toschi A., Katanin A., Held K.
    Critical Properties of the Half-Filled Hubbard Model in Three Dimensions
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 107, 256402 (2011)

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