Electronic structure of organic / metal interfaces

Peter Puschnig
University of Graz (Universität Graz)
Institut für Physik, Institute of Physics / theoretical Physics Division / University of Graz

VSC project / type: 70310 / test

VSC-2 / status: 2012-05-01 - 2014-12-30 / finished


  • Willenbockel M., Lueftner D., Stadtmueller B., Koller G., Kumpf C., Soubatch S., Puschnig P., Ramsey M. G., Tautz F. S.
    The interplay between interface structure, energy level alignment and chemical bonding strength at organic-metal interfaces

  • Ules Thomas, Lueftner Daniel, Reinisch Eva Maria, Koller Georg, Puschnig Peter, Ramsey Michael G.
    Orbital tomography of hybridized and dispersing molecular overlayers
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 90, 155430 (2014)

  • Stadtmueller Benjamin, Lueftner Daniel, Willenbockel Martin, Reinisch Eva M., Sueyoshi Tomoki, Koller Georg, Soubatch Serguei, Ramsey Michael G., Puschnig Peter, Tautz F. Stefan, Kumpf Christian
    Unexpected interplay of bonding height and energy level alignment at heteromolecular hybrid interfaces
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 5, 3685 (2014)

  • Reinisch E. M., Ules T., Puschnig P., Berkebile S., Ostler M., Seyller T., Ramsey M. G., Koller G.
    Development and character of gap states on alkali doping of molecular films
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 16, 23011 (2014)

  • Wiessner M., Kuebert J., Feyer V., Puschnig P., Schoell A., Reinert F.
    Lateral band formation and hybridization in molecular monolayers: NTCDA on Ag(110) and Cu(100)
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 88, 075437 (2013)

  • Wiessner M., Ziroff J., Forster F., Arita M., Shimada K., Puschnig P., Schoell A., Reinert F.
    Substrate-mediated band-dispersion of adsorbate molecular states
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 4, 1514 (2013)

  • Wagner Margareta, Puschnig Peter, Berkebile Stephen, Netzer Falko P., Ramsey Michael G.
    Alternating chirality in the monolayer H2TPP on Cu(110)-(2 x 1)O

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