Cesare Franchini
University of Vienna (Universität Wien)
Computergestützte Materialphysik, Computational Materials Physics

VSC project / type: 70099 / funded

VSC-1 / status: 2010-02-09 - 2012-02-08 / finished
VSC-2 / status: 2012-01-02 - 2017-01-01 / finished


  • He Jiangang, Hummer Kerstin, Franchini Cesare
    Stacking effects on the electronic and optical properties of bilayer transition metal dichalcogenides MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 89, 075409 (2014)

  • He Jiangang, Franchini Cesare
    Structural determination and electronic properties of the 4d perovskite SrPdO3
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 89, 045104 (2014)

  • Hao X. F., Stroppa A., Barone P., Filippetti A., Franchini C., Picozzi S.
    Structural and ferroelectric transitions in magnetic nickelate PbNiO3
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 16, 015030 (2014)

  • Janotti A., Franchini C., Varley J. B., Kresse G., Van de Walle C. G.
    Dual behavior of excess electrons in rutile TiO2

  • Xu Yuanhui, Hao Xianfeng, Franchini Cesare, Gao Faming
    Structural, Electronic, and Ferroelectric Properties of Compressed CdPbO3 Polymorphs
    INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 52, 1032 (2013)

  • Hao X. F., Stroppa A., Picozzi S., Filippetti A., Franchini C.
    Exceptionally large room-temperature ferroelectric polarization in the PbNiO3 multiferroic nickelate: First-principles study
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 86, 014116 (2012)

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