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  • Schaefer Thomas, Toschi Alessandro, Held Karsten
    Dynamical vertex approximation for the two-dimensional Hubbard model
  • Muthsam, Herbert J., Kupka, Friedrich
    Multidimensional modelling of classical pulsating stars
    Konkoly Observatory, Budapest
  • Bancelin, D.; Pilat-Lohinger, E.; Bazsó, Á.
    Asteroid flux towards circumprimary habitable zones in binary star systems. II. Dynamics
    EDP Sciences
  • Marco Seifried, Christian Knoll, Gerald Giester, Michael Reissner, Danny Müller and Peter Weinberger
    Hexakis(propargyl-1H-tetrazole)Iron(II)X2 [X=BF4, ClO4] - Spin Switchable Complexes with Functionalization Potential and the Myth of the Explosive SCO Compound
  • Josef Weinbub, Andreas Hössinger
    Comparison of the Parallel Fast Marching Method, the Fast Iterative Method, and the Parallel Semi-ordered Fast Iterative Method
    Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier
  • M. Held, M. Wiesenberger, J. Madsen and A. Kendl
    The influence of temperature dynamics and dynamic finite ion Larmor radius effects on seeded high amplitude plasma blobs
    IOPSCIENCE, Nuclear Fusion
  • Vladimir L. Kalashnikov, Sergey Sergeyev
    Stochastic Calculations for Fibre Raman Amplifiers with Randomly Varying Birefringence, Chaotic Modeling and Simulation, January 2016 Issue, pp. 52-59.
  • V.L. Kalashnikov, S.V. Sergeyev
    Stochastic Anti-Resonance in Polarization Phenomena, Chapter 10 in The Foundations of Chaos Revisited: From Poincaré to Recent Advancements, Ch. Skiadas (Ed.), pp. 159-179
  • Freddy Florez
    Air entrainment in free falling water jets
    VSC project: 70470
  • Podrouzek*, J., Vorel, J., Cusatis, G.,Wendner, R.
    Imposed correlation between
    14th International Probabilistic Workshop
    VSC project: 70502
  • Reybrouck*, N., Wendner, R., Caspeele, R., Taerwe, L.
    Shape Correction
    fib Symposium 2016
    VSC project: 70502
  • Czernuschka, L.M., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I.,Wendner, R.
    Performance predictions
    VSC project: 70502
  • Vorel, J., Marcon, M., Pelessone, D., Cusatis, G., Wendner, R.
    SEMC 2016
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner*, R., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I, Wan, L.
    Age-Dependent Lattice
    The 8th International Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions - Environment and Loading
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wan, L., Wendner, R., Cusatis*, G.
    Behavior of Ultra High Performance Concrete
  • Boumakis, G., Vorel, J.*, Marcon, M., Wendner, R.
    Life-time prediction for
    VSC project: 70502
  • Vorel, J.*, Marcon, M., Pelessone, D., Cusatis, G.,Wendner, R.
    PID Controller
    VSC project: 70502
  • Podroužek*, J., Vorel, J., Boumakis, G., Cusatis, G., Wendner, R.
    VSC project: 70502
  • Janouchová*, E., Kucerová, A. Vorel, J., Wendner, R.
    Bayesian calibration of
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner, R., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I, Wan, L.
    Age-Dependent Lattice Discrete
    Key Engineering Materials
  • Josef Weinbub, Andreas Hössinger
    Shared-Memory Parallelization of the Fast Marching Method Using an Overlapping Domain-Decomposition Approach
    High Performance Computing Symposium, ACM
  • A. Morhammer, K. Rupp, F. Rudolf, J. Weinbub
    Optimized Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for Multi-Core CPUs, GPUs and MICs
    Austrian HPC Meeting 2016
    VSC project: 70769
  • DeSalvo B. J., Aman J. A., Dunning F. B., Killian T. C., Sadeghpour H. R., Yoshida S., Burgdoerfer J.
    Ultra-long-range Rydberg molecules in a divalent atomic system
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 1403 (2015)
    VSC project: 70364
  • Feldbauer G., Wolloch M., Bedolla P. O., Mohn P., Redinger J., Vernes A.
    Adhesion and material transfer between contacting Al and TiN surfaces from first principles
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 91, 5413 (2015)
    VSC project: 70261
  • Nogueira Juan J., Oppel Markus, Gonzalez Leticia
    Enhancing Intersystem Crossing in Phenotiazinium Dyes by Intercalation into DNA
    VSC project: 70570
  • Flouri T., Izquierdo-Carrasco F., Darriba D., Aberer A. J., Nguyen L. -T., Minh B. Q., Von Haeseler A., Stamatakis A.
    The Phylogenetic Likelihood Library
    SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY 64, 356 (2015)
    VSC project: 70332
  • Crespo-Hernandez Carlos E, Martinez-Fernandez Lara, Rauer Clemens, Reichardt Christian, Mai Sebastian, Pollum Marvin, Marquetand Philipp, Gonzalez Leticia, Corral Ines
    Electronic and structural elements that regulate the excited-state dynamics in purine nucleobase derivatives.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 4368 (2015)
  • Jungblut Swetlana, Dellago Christoph
    Caveats of mean first-passage time methods applied to the crystallization transition: Effects of non-Markovianity.
    The Journal of chemical physics 142, 064103 (2015)
  • Sterflinger Katja, Lopandic Ksenija, Blasi Barbara, Poynter Caroline, de Hoog Sybren, Tafer Hakim
    Draft Genome of Cladophialophora immunda, a Black Yeast and Efficient Degrader of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons.
    Genome announcements 3, (2015)
  • Weinbub Josef, Ellinghaus Paul, Selberherr Siegfried
    Parallelization of the Two-Dimensional Wigner Monte Carlo Method

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