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  • V.L. Kalashnikov, S.V. Sergeyev
    Stochastic Anti-Resonance in Polarization Phenomena, Chapter 10 in The Foundations of Chaos Revisited: From Poincaré to Recent Advancements, Ch. Skiadas (Ed.), pp. 159-179
  • Josef Weinbub, Andreas Hössinger
    Shared-Memory Parallelization of the Fast Marching Method Using an Overlapping Domain-Decomposition Approach
    High Performance Computing Symposium, ACM
  • A. Morhammer, K. Rupp, F. Rudolf, J. Weinbub
    Optimized Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication for Multi-Core CPUs, GPUs and MICs
    Austrian HPC Meeting 2016
    VSC project: 70769
  • DeSalvo B. J., Aman J. A., Dunning F. B., Killian T. C., Sadeghpour H. R., Yoshida S., Burgdoerfer J.
    Ultra-long-range Rydberg molecules in a divalent atomic system
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 1403 (2015)
    VSC project: 70364
  • Feldbauer G., Wolloch M., Bedolla P. O., Mohn P., Redinger J., Vernes A.
    Adhesion and material transfer between contacting Al and TiN surfaces from first principles
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 91, 5413 (2015)
    VSC project: 70261
  • Nogueira Juan J., Oppel Markus, Gonzalez Leticia
    Enhancing Intersystem Crossing in Phenotiazinium Dyes by Intercalation into DNA
    VSC project: 70570
  • Flouri T., Izquierdo-Carrasco F., Darriba D., Aberer A. J., Nguyen L. -T., Minh B. Q., Von Haeseler A., Stamatakis A.
    The Phylogenetic Likelihood Library
    SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY 64, 356 (2015)
    VSC project: 70332
  • Crespo-Hernandez Carlos E, Martinez-Fernandez Lara, Rauer Clemens, Reichardt Christian, Mai Sebastian, Pollum Marvin, Marquetand Philipp, Gonzalez Leticia, Corral Ines
    Electronic and structural elements that regulate the excited-state dynamics in purine nucleobase derivatives.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 4368 (2015)
  • Jungblut Swetlana, Dellago Christoph
    Caveats of mean first-passage time methods applied to the crystallization transition: Effects of non-Markovianity.
    The Journal of chemical physics 142, 064103 (2015)
  • Sterflinger Katja, Lopandic Ksenija, Blasi Barbara, Poynter Caroline, de Hoog Sybren, Tafer Hakim
    Draft Genome of Cladophialophora immunda, a Black Yeast and Efficient Degrader of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons.
    Genome announcements 3, (2015)
  • Weinbub Josef, Ellinghaus Paul, Selberherr Siegfried
    Parallelization of the Two-Dimensional Wigner Monte Carlo Method
  • Ghosh Joydeep, Osintsev Dmitry, Sverdlov Viktor, Weinbub Josef, Selberherr Siegfried
    Evaluation of Spin Lifetime in Thin-Body FETs: A High Performance Computing Approach
  • Sangpheak Waratchada, Kicuntod Jintawee, Schuster Roswitha, Rungrotmongkol Thanyada, Wolschann Peter, Kungwan Nawee, Viernstein Helmut, Mueller Monika, Pongsawasdi Piamsook
    Physical properties and biological activities of hesperetin and naringenin in complex with methylated beta-cyclodextrin
  • Thesberg Mischa, Pourfath Mahdi, Kosina Hans, Neophytou Neophytos
    The influence of non-idealities on the thermoelectric power factor of nanostructured superlattices
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 118, 224301 (2015)
  • Titvinidze Irakli, Dorda Antonius, von der Linden Wolfgang, Arrigoni Enrico
    Transport through a correlated interface: Auxiliary master equation approach
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 245125 (2015)
  • Wachter Georg, Nagele Stefan, Sato Shunsuke A., Pazourek Renate, Wais Michael, Lemell Christoph, Tong Xiao-Min, Yabana Kazuhiro, Burgdoerfer Joachim
    Protocol for observing molecular dipole excitations by attosecond self-streaking
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 061403 (2015)
  • Hoellwieser Roman, Altarawneh Derar
    Center vortices, area law and the catenary solution
  • Nazemi Sanaz, Pourfath Mahdi, Soleimani Ebrahim Asl, Kosina Hans
    On the role of spatial position of bridged oxygen atoms as surface passivants on the ground-state gap and photo-absorption spectrum of silicon nano-crystals
    JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 118, 205303 (2015)
  • Zielinski Alejandro, Majety Vinay Pramod, Nagele Stefan, Pazourek Renate, Burgdoerfer Joachim, Scrinzi Armin
    Anomalous Fano Profiles in External Fields
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115, 243001 (2015)
  • Edlbauer Hermann, Zojer Egbert, Hofmann Oliver T.
    Postadsorption Work Function Tuning via Hydrogen Pressure Control
  • Lantz G., Hajlaoui M., Papalazarou E., Jacques V. L. R., Mazzotti A., Marsi M., Lupi S., Amati M., Gregoratti L., Si L., Zhong Z., Held K.
    Surface Effects on the Mott-Hubbard Transition in Archetypal V2O3
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 115, 236802 (2015)
  • Galler A., Taranto C., Wallerberger M., Kaltak M., Kresse G., Sangiovanni G., Toschi A., Held K.
    Screened moments and absence of ferromagnetism in FeAl
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 205132 (2015)
  • Petreczky P., Schadler H. -P.
    Renormalization of the Polyakov loop with gradient flow
    PHYSICAL REVIEW D 92, 094517 (2015)
  • Zhang X., Dunning F. B., Yoshida S., Burgdoerfer J.
    Rydberg blockade effects at n similar to 300 in strontium
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 92, 051402 (2015)
  • Melcher Michael, Scharl Theresa, Spangl Bernhard, Luchner Markus, Cserjan Monika, Bayer Karl, Leisch Friedrich, Striedner Gerald
    The potential of random forest and neural networks for biomass and recombinant protein modeling in Escherichia coli fed-batch fermentations
    BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 10, 1770 (2015)
  • Weiss S., Lueftner D., Ules T., Reinisch E. M., Kaser H., Gottwald A., Richter M., Soubatch S., Koller G., Ramsey M. G., Tautz F. S., Puschnig P.
    Exploring three-dimensional orbital imaging with energy-dependent photoemission tomography
    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 6, 8287 (2015)
  • Mewes Stefanie A., Plasser Felix, Dreuw Andreas
    Communication: Exciton analysis in time-dependent density functional theory: How functionals shape excited-state characters
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 143, 171101 (2015)
  • Edstroem A., Werwinski M., Iusan D., Rusz J., Eriksson O., Skokov K. P., Radulov I. A., Ener S., Kuz'min M. D., Hong J., Fries M., Karpenkov D. Yu., Gutfleisch O., Toson P., Fidler J.
    Magnetic properties of (Fe1-xCox)(2)B alloys and the effect of doping by 5d elements
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 92, 174413 (2015)
  • Euchner H., Mayrhofer P. H., Riedl H., Klimashin F. F., Limbeck A., Polcik P., Kolozsvari S.
    Solid solution hardening of vacancy stabilized TixW1-xB2
    ACTA MATERIALIA 101, 55 (2015)
  • Riedl H., Vieweg A., Limbeck A., Kalas J., Arndt M., Polcik P., Euchner H., Bartosik M., Mayrhofer P. H.
    Thermal stability and mechanical properties of boron enhanced Mo-Si coatings

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