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  • T. Das, X. Rocquefelte, R. Laskowski, L. Lajaunie, S. Jobic, P. Blaha, K. Schwarz:
    Investigation of the Optical and Excitonic Properties of the Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic BiVO4 Material
    Chemistry of Materials, 29 (2017), 3380 - 3386.
    VSC project: 70296
  • F. Karsai, F. Tran, P. Blaha:
    On the importance of local orbitals using second energy derivatives for d and f electrons
    Computer Physics Communications, 220 (2017), 230 - 238.
    VSC project: 70296
  • L. Kalantari, P. Blaha, K. Khoo, R. Laskowski:
    Computational Study of Y NMR Shielding in Intermetallic Yttrium Compounds
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (2017), 28454 - 28461.
    VSC project: 71212
  • Friedrich Kupka, Herbert J. Muthsam
    Modelling of stellar convection
    Springer Verlag
  • Irakli Titvinidze, Antonius Dorda, Wolfgang von der Linden, and Enrico Arrigoni
    Thermoelectric properties of a strongly correlated layer
    Phys. Rev. B 96, 115104 (2017)
  • Bancelin, David; Pilat-Lohinger, Elke; Maindl, Thomas I.; Ragossnig, Florian; Schäfer, Christoph
    The Influence of Orbital Resonances on the Water Transport to Objects in the Circumprimary Habitable Zone of Binary Star Systems
  • M. Wiesenberger, M. Held, R. Kube, and O. E. Garcia
    Unified transport scaling laws for plasma blobs and depletions
    Physics of Plasmas (AIP)
  • Alexander Kendl, Gregor Danler, Matthias Wiesenberger, and Markus Held
    Interchange Instability and Transport in Matter-Antimatter Plasmas
    Physical Review Letters (APS)
  • Christian Udhardt, Felix Otto, Christian Kern, Daniel Lüftner, Tobias Hümpfner, Tino Kirchhuebel, Falko Sojka, Matthias Meissner, Bernd Schröter, Roman Forker, Peter Puschnig, and Torsten Fritz
    Influence of Film and Substrate Structure on Photoelectron Momentum Maps of Coronene Thin Films on Ag(111)
    ACS Publications
  • Prugger Martina
    High-resolution numerical schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws, and their performance on modern HPC architectures
    PhD thesis, University of Innsbruck (2017)
    VSC project: 70776
  • Gernot Kapper
    Impact of finite plasma collisionality on the current drive efficiency in tokamaks and stellarators
    TU Graz
    VSC project: 70822
    Multiphysics simulations of concrete bridges
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
    VSC project: 70502
  • Rudolf Florian, Morhammer Andreas, Rupp Karl, Weinbub Josef
    Performance Enhancements of Algebraic Multigrid Methods in ViennaCL
    Austrian HPC Meeting 2017
    VSC project: 70769
  • Mills Richard T., Adams Mark, Brown Jed, Fabien Maurice, Isaac Tobin, Knepley Matthew G., Rupp Karl, Smith Barry F., Zhang Hong
    Experiences, Optimizations, and Future Directions with Petsc on the 2nd Generation ("Knights Landing") Intel Xeon Phi Processor
    SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering 2017
    VSC project: 70769
  • Wan-Wendner, R., Marcon, M., Boumakis, I., Czernuschka, L.-M., Podrouzek, J.,

    5. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Ausschusses für Stahlbeton
    VSC project: 70502
  • Marcon*, M., Nincevic, K., Vorel, J., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Investigation of
    3rd International Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
    VSC project: 70502
  • Boumakis*, I., Marcon, M., Nincevic, K., Czernuschka, L.-M., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Concrete Creep Effect on Bond Stress in Adhesive Fastening Systems
    3rd International Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wan-Wendner, L., Vorel, J., Strauss*, A., Cusatis, G., Wan-Wendner, R.
    39th IABSE Symposium - Engineering the Future
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner, R., Podrouzek*, J., Vorel, J.
    Comparison of particle placement
    12th Int. Conf. on Structural Safety and Reliability
    VSC project: 70502
  • Podrouzek, J., Vorel, J., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Random and gradient based fields
    UNCEVOMP 2017
    VSC project: 70502
  • Abdellatef*, M., Vorel, J., Wendner, R., Alnaggar, M.
    Lattice Discrete Particle
    2017 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference
    VSC project: 70502
  • L. Gnam, J. Weinbub, K. Rupp, F. Rudolf, S. Selberherr
    Using Graph Partitioning and Coloring for Flexible Coarse-Grained Shared-Memory Parallel Mesh Adaptation
    Proceedings of the 26th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR)
    VSC project: 70977
  • G. Diamantopoulos, J. Weinbub, A. Hössinger, S. Selberherr:
    Evaluation of the Shared-Memory Parallel Fast Marching Method for Re-Distancing Problems
    International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA)
  • Kupka, Friedrich

  • Hehn Iris, Schuster Swen, Waechter Tobias, Abu-Husein Tarek, Terfort Andreas, Zharnikov Michael, Zojer Egbert
    Employing X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Determining Layer Homogeneity in Mixed Polar Self-Assembled Monolayers
    VSC projects: 70706, 70819
  • Saxena P., Zangerl-Plessl E. -M., Linder T., Windisch A., Hohaus A., Timin E., Hering S., Stary-Weinzinger A.
    New potential binding determinant for hERG channel inhibitors
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 6, 24182 (2016)
    VSC project: 70405
  • Gershkov Alex, Li Jianpei, Schweinzer Paul
    How to share it out: The value of information in teams
    JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY 162, 261 (2016)
    VSC project: 70906
  • Dolnicar Sara, Gruen Bettina, Leisch Friedrich
    Increasing sample size compensates for data problems in segmentation studies
    VSC project: 70419
  • Lee SJ, Ren F, Zangerl-Plessl EM, Heyman S, Stary-Weinzinger A, Yuan P, Nichols CG
    5KUK: Crystal Structure of Inward Rectifier Kir2.2 K62W Mutant
    Worldwide Protein Data Bank None, (2016)
  • Lee Sun-Joo, Ren Feifei, Zangerl-Plessl Eva-Maria, Heyman Sarah, Stary-Weinzinger Anna, Yuan Peng, Nichols Colin G
    Structural basis of control of inward rectifier Kir2 channel gating by bulk anionic phospholipids.
    The Journal of general physiology 148, 227 (2016)

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