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  • Rogl P. F., Podloucky R., Noel H., Giester G.
    Crystal structure of Th2B2C3 with unique mixed B-C structural units
    ACTA MATERIALIA 144, 484 (2018)
  • Skakalova Viera, Kotrusz Peter, Jergel Matej, Susi Toma, Mittelberger Andreas, Vretenar Viliam, SiffaloviC Peter, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C., Hulman Martin
    Chemical Oxidation of Graphite: Evolution of the Structure and Properties
  • Cervenka Rene, Lukacs Peter, Gawali Vaibhavkumar S., Ke Song, Koenig Xaver, Rubi Lena, Zarrabi Touran, Hilber Karlheinz, Sandtner Walter, Stary-Weinzinger Anna, Todt Hannes
    Distinct modulation of inactivation by a residue in the pore domain of voltage-gated Na+ channels: mechanistic insights from recent crystal structures
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 8, 631 (2018)
  • Rauer Clemens, Nogueira Juan J., Marquetand Philipp, Gonzalez Leticia
    Stepwise photosensitized thymine dimerization mediated by an exciton intermediate
    MONATSHEFTE FUR CHEMIE 149, 1 (2018)
  • Faulhuber Markus
    A short note on the frame set of odd functions
    Cambridge University Press
  • Emanuele Locatelli, Lorenzo Rovigatti
    An Accurate Estimate of the Free Energy and Phase Diagram of All-DNA Bulk Fluids
  • Gualdani R, Cavalluzzi MM, Tadini-Buoninsegni F, Convertino M, Gailly P, Stary-Weinzinger A, Lentini G.
    Molecular Insights into hERG Potassium Channel Blockade by Lubeluzole.
    Cell Physiol Biochem.
  • Cooper Paige E, McClenaghan Conor, Chen Xingyu, Stary-Weinzinger Anna, Nichols Colin G
    Conserved functional consequences of disease-associated mutations in the slide-helix of Kir6.1 and Kir6.2 subunits of the ATP-sensitive potassium channel.
    The Journal of biological chemistry None, (2017)
  • Gardner Alison, Wu Wei, Thomson Steven, Zangerl-Plessl Eva-Maria, Stary-Weinzinger Anna, Sanguinetti Michael
    Molecular basis of altered hERG1 channel gating induced by ginsenoside Rg3.
    Molecular pharmacology None, (2017)
  • Mirzayev Rasim, Mustonen Kimmo, Monazam Mohammad R A, Mittelberger Andreas, Pennycook Timothy J, Mangler Clemens, Susi Toma, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C
    Buckyball sandwiches.
    Science advances 3, e1700176 (2017)
  • Georgieva Ivelina, Aquino Adelia J A, Trendafilova Natasha, Lischka Hans
    High-level Ab Initio Absorption Spectra Simulations of Neutral, Anionic and Neutral+ Chromophore of Green Fluorescence Protein Chromophore Models in Gas Phase and Solution.
    Photochemistry and photobiology None, (2017)
  • Bernsteiner Harald, Brundl Michael, Stary-Weinzinger Anna
    Dynamics of the EAG1 K
    Biochemical and biophysical research communications 484, 107 (2017)
  • Shabbir H., Hartmann M. A.
    Influence of reversible cross-link coordination on the mechanical behavior of a linear polymer chain
    NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 19, 093024 (2017)
  • Alamdary Daryoush Nosraty, Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma
    Structure and Energetics of Embedded Si Patterns in Graphene
  • Bianco Valentino, Pages-Gelabert Neus, Coluzza Ivan, Franzese Giancarlo
    How the stability of a folded protein depends on interfacial water properties and residue-residue interactions
  • Nieman Reed, Aquino Adelia J. A., Hardcastle Trevor P., Kotakoski Jani, Susi Toma, Lischka Hans
    Structure and electronic states of a graphene double vacancy with an embedded Si dopant
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 147, 194702 (2017)
  • Moritz Clemens, Troester Andreas, Dellago Christoph
    Interplay of fast and slow dynamics in rare transition pathways: The disk-to-slab transition in the 2d Ising model
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 147, 152714 (2017)
  • Bokdam Menno, Lahnsteiner Jonathan, Ramberger Benjamin, Schaefer Tobias, Kresse Georg
    Assessing Density Functionals Using Many Body Theory for Hybrid Perovskites
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 119, 145501 (2017)
  • Torres-Dias Abraao C., Cerqueira Tiago F. T., Cui Wenwen, Marques Miguel A. L., Botti Silvana, Machon Denis, Hartmann Markus A., Sun Yiwei, Dunstan David J., San-Miguel Alfonso
    From mesoscale to nanoscale mechanics in single-wall carbon nanotubes
    CARBON 123, 145 (2017)
  • Powell Andrew D., Dattani Nikesh S., Spada Rene F. K., Machado Francisco B. C., Lischka Hans, Dawes Richard
    Investigation of the ozone formation reaction pathway: Comparisons of full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo and fixed-node diffusion Monte Carlo with contracted and uncontracted MRCI
    JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS 147, 094306 (2017)
  • Rab Ch., Elbakyan V., Vorobyov E., Guedel M., Dionatos O., Audard M., Kamp I., Thi W. -F., Woitke P., Postel A.
    The chemistry of episodic accretion in embedded objects 2D radiation thermo-chemical models of the post-burst phase
    ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 604, A15 (2017)
  • Scardamaglia Mattia, Susi Toma, Struzzi Claudia, Snyders Rony, Di Santo Giovanni, Petaccia Luca, Bittencourt Carla
    Spectroscopic observation of oxygen dissociation on nitrogen-doped graphene
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 7960 (2017)
  • Bianchi Emanuela, Capone Barbara, Coluzza Ivan, Rovigatti Lorenzo, van Oostrum Peter D. J.
    Limiting the valence: advancements and new perspectives on patchy colloids, soft functionalized nanoparticles and biomolecules
  • Rab Ch., Guedel M., Padovani M., Kamp I., Thi W. -F., Woitke P., Aresu G.
    Stellar energetic particle ionization in protoplanetary disks around T Tauri stars
    ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 603, A96 (2017)
  • Pinheiro Max Jr., Ferrao Luiz F. A., Bettanin Fernanda, Aquino Adelia J. A., Machado Francisco B. C., Lischka Hans
    How to efficiently tune the biradicaloid nature of acenes by chemical doping with boron and nitrogen
  • Nogueira Juan J., Plasser Felix, Gonzalez Leticia
    Electronic delocalization, charge transfer and hypochromism in the UV absorption spectrum of polyadenine unravelled by multiscale computations and quantitative wavefunction analysis
    CHEMICAL SCIENCE 8, 5682 (2017)
  • Knapp I., Budinska B., Milosavljevic D., Heinrich P., Khmelevskyi S., Moser R., Podloucky R., Prenninger P., Bauer E.
    Impurity band effects on transport and thermoelectric properties of Fe2-xNixVAl
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 045204 (2017)
  • Cardelli Chiara, Bianco Valentino, Rovigatti Lorenzo, Nerattini Francesca, Tubiana Luca, Dellago Christoph, Coluzza Ivan
    The role of directional interactions in the designability of generalized heteropolymers
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 4986 (2017)
  • Balao Francisco, Trucchi Emiliano, Wolfe Thomas M., Hao Bao-Hai, Lorenzo Maria Teresa, Baar Juliane, Sedman Laura, Kosiol Carolin, Amman Fabian, Chase Mark W., Hedren Mikael, Paun Ovidiu
    Adaptive sequence evolution is driven by biotic stress in a pair of orchid species (Dactylorhiza) with distinct ecological optima
    MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 26, 3649 (2017)
  • Susi Toma, Skakalova Viera, Mittelberger Andreas, Kotrusz Peter, Hulman Martin, Pennycook Timothy J., Mangler Clemens, Kotakoski Jani, Meyer Jannik C.
    Computational insights and the observation of SiC nanograin assembly: towards 2D silicon carbide
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 4399 (2017)

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