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Here are the scientific Publications of the various Projects on the VSC, while a collection of interesting articles for the general audience can be found in the main menu at Presscorner.

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  • Martina Prugger
    High-resolution numerical schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws, and their performance on modern HPC architectures
    University of Innsbruck
    VSC project: 70776
  • Gernot Kapper
    Impact of finite plasma collisionality on the current drive efficiency in tokamaks and stellarators
    TU Graz
    VSC project: 70822
  • Freddy Florez
    Air entrainment in free falling water jets
    VSC project: 70470
  • Lin WAN
    Experimental and Computational Analysis of the Behavior of Ultra High Performance
    Northwestern University
    VSC project: 70502

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