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  • Bianca Buchner
    Complete enumeration of elementary flux modes in metabolic networks
    FH Campus Wien
    VSC project: 71141
  • Hong Zhang, Richard T. Mills, Karl Rupp, Barry F. Smith
    Vectorized Parallel Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication in PETSc Using AVX-512
  • Georgios Diamantopoulos

    Proceedings of the European Seminar on Computing
    VSC project: 70977
  • Lukas Gnam

    Proceedings of the Vienna Young Scientists Symposium
  • Stemle, Egon and

    Association for Computational Linguistics
  • Marijana Lazic,

    Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik
    Multiphysics simulations of concrete bridges
    University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
    VSC project: 70502
  • Richard T. Mills, Mark Adams, Jed Brown, Maurice Fabien, Tobin Isaac, Matthew G. Knepley, Karl Rupp, Barry F. Smith, Hong Zhang
    Experiences, Optimizations, and Future Directions with Petsc on the 2nd Generation ("Knights Landing") Intel Xeon Phi Processor
    VSC project: 70769
  • Wan-Wendner, R., Marcon, M., Boumakis, I., Czernuschka, L.-M., Podrouzek, J.,

    5. Jahrestagung des Deutschen Ausschusses für Stahlbeton
    VSC project: 70502
  • Marcon*, M., Nincevic, K., Vorel, J., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Investigation of
    3rd International Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
    VSC project: 70502
  • Boumakis*, I., Marcon, M., Nincevic, K., Czernuschka, L.-M., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Concrete Creep Effect on Bond Stress in Adhesive Fastening Systems
    3rd International Symposium on Connections between Steel and Concrete
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wan-Wendner, L., Vorel, J., Strauss*, A., Cusatis, G., Wan-Wendner, R.
    39th IABSE Symposium - Engineering the Future
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner, R., Podrouzek*, J., Vorel, J.
    Comparison of particle placement
    12th Int. Conf. on Structural Safety and Reliability
    VSC project: 70502
  • Podrouzek, J., Vorel, J., Wan-Wendner, R.
    Random and gradient based fields
    UNCEVOMP 2017
    VSC project: 70502
  • Abdellatef*, M., Vorel, J., Wendner, R., Alnaggar, M.
    Lattice Discrete Particle
    2017 PCI Convention and National Bridge Conference
    VSC project: 70502
  • L. Gnam, J. Weinbub, K. Rupp, F. Rudolf, S. Selberherr
    Using Graph Partitioning and Coloring for Flexible Coarse-Grained Shared-Memory Parallel Mesh Adaptation
    Proceedings of the 26th International Meshing Roundtable (IMR)
    VSC project: 70977
  • G. Diamantopoulos, J. Weinbub, A. Hössinger, S. Selberherr:
    Evaluation of the Shared-Memory Parallel Fast Marching Method for Re-Distancing Problems
    International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA)
  • Kupka, Friedrich

  • Podrouzek*, J., Vorel, J., Cusatis, G.,Wendner, R.
    Imposed correlation between
    14th International Probabilistic Workshop
    VSC project: 70502
  • Reybrouck*, N., Wendner, R., Caspeele, R., Taerwe, L.
    Shape Correction
    fib Symposium 2016
    VSC project: 70502
  • Czernuschka, L.M., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I.,Wendner, R.
    Performance predictions
    VSC project: 70502
  • Vorel, J., Marcon, M., Pelessone, D., Cusatis, G., Wendner, R.
    SEMC 2016
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner*, R., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I, Wan, L.
    Age-Dependent Lattice
    The 8th International Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions - Environment and Loading
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wan, L., Wendner, R., Cusatis*, G.
    Behavior of Ultra High Performance Concrete
  • Boumakis, G., Vorel, J.*, Marcon, M., Wendner, R.
    Life-time prediction for
    VSC project: 70502
  • Vorel, J.*, Marcon, M., Pelessone, D., Cusatis, G.,Wendner, R.
    PID Controller
    VSC project: 70502
  • Podroužek*, J., Vorel, J., Boumakis, G., Cusatis, G., Wendner, R.
    VSC project: 70502
  • Janouchová*, E., Kucerová, A. Vorel, J., Wendner, R.
    Bayesian calibration of
    VSC project: 70502
  • Wendner, R., Nincevic, K., Boumakis, I, Wan, L.
    Age-Dependent Lattice Discrete
    Key Engineering Materials
  • Josef Weinbub, Andreas Hössinger
    Shared-Memory Parallelization of the Fast Marching Method Using an Overlapping Domain-Decomposition Approach
    High Performance Computing Symposium, ACM

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