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Here are the scientific Publications of the various Projects on the VSC, while a collection of interesting articles for the general audience can be found in the main menu at Presscorner.

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  • Karagoz G. Elif, Duarte Afonso M. S., Akoury Elias, Ippel Hans, Biernat Jacek, Luengo Tania Moran, Radli Martina, Didenko Tatiana, Nordhues Bryce A., Veprintsev Dmitry B., Dickey Chad A., Mandelkow Eckhard, Zweckstetter Markus, Boelens Rolf, Madl Tobias,
    Hsp90-Tau Complex Reveals Molecular Basis for Specificity in Chaperone Action
    CELL 156, 963 (2014)

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