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  • Moesinger Leander, Dorigo Wouter, De Jeu Richard, Van Der Schalie Robin, Scanlon Tracy, Teubner Irene, Forkel Matthias
    The Global Long-term Microwave Vegetation Optical Depth Climate Archive VODCA
    Zenodo 1.0, (2019)
  • Maerkisch B., Mest H., Saul H., Wang X., Abele H., Dubbers D., Klopf M., Petoukhov A., Roick C., Soldner T., Werder D.
    Measurement of the Weak Axial-Vector Coupling Constant in the Decay of Free Neutrons Using a Pulsed Cold Neutron Beam
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 122, 242501 (2019)
  • Klopf M., Jericha E., Maerkisch B., Saul H., Soldner T., Abele H.
    Constraints on the Dark Matter Interpretation n -> chi plus e(+)e(-) of the Neutron Decay Anomaly with the PERKEO II Experiment
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 122, UNSP 222503 (2019)
  • Donsa Stefan, Brezinova Iva, Ni Hongcheng, Feist Johannes, Burgdorfer Joachim
    Polarization tagging of two-photon double ionization by elliptically polarized XUV pulses
    PHYSICAL REVIEW A 99, 023413 (2019)
  • Mayr-Schmoelzer Wernfried, Mittendorfer Florian, Redinger Josef
    Adsorption of a superoxo O-2(-) species on the pure and Ca-doped Sr3Ru2O7(001) surface
    SURFACE SCIENCE 680, 24 (2019)
  • Mayr-Schmoelzer Wernfried, Halwidl Daniel, Mittendorfer Florian, Schmid Michael, Diebold Ulrike, Redinger Josef
    Adsorption of CO on the Ca3Ru2O7(001) surface
    SURFACE SCIENCE 680, 18 (2019)
  • Wallerberger Markus, Hausoel Andreas, Gunacker Patrik, Kowalski Alexander, Parragh Nicolaus, Goth Florian, Held Karsten, Sangiovanni Giorgio
    w2dynamics: Local one- and two-particle quantities from dynamical mean field theory
  • Auzinger Winfried, Brezinova Iva, Hofstaetter Harald, Koch Othmar, Quell Michael
    Practical splitting methods for the adaptive integration of nonlinear evolution equations. Part II: Comparisons of local error estimation and step-selection strategies for nonlinear Schrodinger and wave equations
  • Soner Steiner, Gerda Rogl, Hans Flandorfer , Henri Noel, Antonio Pereira

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  • M. Bagheri, P. Blaha:
    DFT calculations of energy dependent XPS valence band spectra
    Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, 230 (2019), 1 - 9.
    VSC project: 70296
  • J. Zdenek, F. Kraushofer, M. Bichler, J. Balajka, J. Hulva, J. Pavelec, I. Sokolovic, M. Müllner, M. Setvin, M. Schmid, U. Diebold, P. Blaha, G. Parkinson:
    "Partially Dissociated Water Dimers at the Water?Hematite Interface"
    ACS Energy Letters, 4 (2019), 390 - 396.
    VSC projects: 70296, 71212

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