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Here are the scientific Publications of the various Projects on the VSC, while a collection of interesting articles for the general audience can be found in the main menu at Presscorner.

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  • Sohail Azmat, Jayaraman Kumaresan, Venkatesan Santhoshkannan, Gotfryd Kamil, Daerr Markus, Gether Ulrik, Loland Claus J., Wanner Klaus T., Freissmuth Michael, Sitte Harald H., Sandtner Walter, Stockner Thomas
    The Environment Shapes the Inner Vestibule of LeuT
    PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 12, e1005197 (2016)
  • Kasture Ameya, El-Kasaby Ali, Szollosi Daniel, Asjad H. M. Mazhar, Grimm Alexandra, Stockner Thomas, Hummel Thomas, Freissmuth Michael, Sucic Sonja
    Functional Rescue of a Misfolded Drosophila melanogaster Dopamine Transporter Mutant Associated with a Sleepless Phenotype by Pharmacological Chaperones

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