Project application

Please pay attention to the Operational Regulations and Access Control.

Types of Projects

Five different types of projects can be applied for:

  1. funded project (gefördertes Projekt):
    Projects already receiving funding from FWF, FFG, ÖAW, WWTF, ERC, EU, ACRP, proVISION, IV2Splus, etc. which require significant computational resources are eligible for registration at the cluster. Attestation of the funding decision and a description of the project must be provided with the application. Please note that the project application on VSC should be done by the project leader who holds the funded project at the funding agency.

  2. internal project (internes Projekt):
    Projects that do not receive funding from one of the above organisations and have not been peer reviewed fall into this category. After a detailed description (which must include an estimation of required computational resources) of the project has been provided, the “steering committee” arranges a peer review by external referees. On the basis of this peer review, the steering committee decides about the allocation of computational resources.

  3. external project (externes Projekt):
    External projects that have not been peer reviewed may be granted access to the cluster by the steering committee. The computational resources used have to be paid for. These projects are treated with lower priority than projects that fall into the first two categories.

  4. test project (Test-Projekt):
    This category is intended for testing whether a project can be carried out at the VSC and to make it possible to estimate the required computational resources. A test project is available for 1 month and has limited resources.

  5. application for planned project (Anmeldung für geplantes Förderprojekt):
    If you intend to submit a project at a funding institution and require evidence of the availability of computational resources you should choose this type of project.

Where to Apply

Please apply for a project on the Opens external link in new windowservice website of VSC to get access to the computing environment.

In the web mask after clicking the button "request project" choose the project type and fill in the fields with information on the required computational resources. After clicking on the button "submit query" you will see a page with information on the project you have just created and you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed. For funded projects you will be asked to upload a proof of funding issued by a funding organisation and a project description has to be uploaded for both funded and internal projects. Finally, after uploading all requested documents, please click on the "big red button" to request technical review of the project by VSC personell.

User Accounts and Validity

After the technical review has been positively completed, the project is reviewed by the steering committee. If the steering committee approves of the project, the project leader can create user accounts.

The user accounts associated to the project are valid during the runtime of the project (resources can be used until one month after project termination, the user's filesystem can be accessed until three month later).

Projects have a maximum runtime of 1 year. All resources of the project can be extended if necessary. Extending the runtime requires a project report to be filed with the steering committee.

Publishing your Results

Please acknowledge Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) when you present or publish your results.

Project managers please add publications resulting from calculations done on the VSC to the publications database on the Opens external link in new windowservice website of VSC.

All publications obtained by using VSC will be listed automatically on this website at Publications, and the publications that are assigned to a project will also be shown in the detail-view of the projects at Projects on the VSC.