Cluster users (account info, password change)

If you have an existing user account on a VSC system you can view information about your account, inspect usage statistics, and change your password (please allow for about 10 minutes for synchronization of your password change) at:

The user accounts associated to a project are valid during the runtime of the project (resources can be used until one month after project termination, the user's filesystem can be accessed until three month later).

The project manager can request an extension of all resources of the project at any time if necessary.

Login to the VSC cluster systems

Only IP addresses from one of the VSC partner universities are allowed to login to VSC. If you wish to log in from outside a university IP range, use either a VPN or a SSH tunnel to connect (Opens external link in new windowdetails).

On the VSC Wiki information about the proper Opens external link in new windowsetup and usage of ssh-key can be found.

Please note that on all VSC sytems a two-factor authentication is enforced. After entering your password you will be asked to enter your one-time password (OTP), which is an SMS token to be received on your mobile phone.

VSC-3 login

ssh <username>

On the VSC Wiki there is Opens external link in new windowmore information about login to VSC-3 from Linux, Mac, and Windows.